About us

“We use the principles of Sport and Exercise Therapy to ensure that our clients are returning to sport as safely and effectively as possible” – David Down, Clinical Director and Founder

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Correctly identifying an issue is one thing, however treating it effectively may need a broader approach, not just looking at what hands on treatments we can provide, or exercises we can prescribe, but also look at other factors such as; nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and mental wellbeing. 

Traditionally it was believed that a mechanical stimulus such as massage, manipulation or exercises result in healing benefits, and although this still remains true, there are lots of other factors that could impact the way in which we recover from injury. 

For example, we know that busy lives and stress can increase cortisol levels as well as inflammation leading to inhibition of the bodies natural healing process, whereas relaxation techniques and mindfulness can release serotonin, dopamine and other hormones and chemicals which can actually stimulate the healing process.

The same can be said about our diet. High inflammatory, processed foods can have huge impacts on the way our body will repair. On the other hand, a clean, nutrient rich foods may dramatically enhance the quality of tissue healing.

Your therapist will not only focus on what mechanical influences can assist with recovery, but also help understand what other lifestyle factors may be playing a part in the way you heal. We work closely with other healthcare professionals and will always put you at the centre of your recovery.