Recommended Products

I quite often get asked about what products I recommend, be it foam rollers, massage guns, resistance bands and so on, so I thought I’d add this page with direct links to where I purchased them so you can easily find products that I use in clinic.

Massage Gun

The percussion massage gun that I use in clinic. A fraction of the cost charged by larger named brands but provides the same results. Recommend due to ease of use and ability to use product without anyone’s assistance

Store: Amazon

Price: £75.99

Foam Roller

Ideally for a foam roller you want firm with indentations to focus on specific points within the tissue. This foam roller is sturdy and as good as any other.

Store: Amazon

Price: £9.99

Mini Resistance bands

Mini-bands are a great to make home-workouts that bit tougher as well as to supplement your gym current gym programmes. I will primarily use these within glute and hip strengthening programmes, but their uses far surpass that.

Store: Amazon

Price: £13.99

Skipping Rope

In my opinion, this is THE most underrated bit of kit within health fitness. Not only a brilliant form of cardiovascular exercise, if you have spoken to me before you will know how much emphasis I put on your feet. They are the staple for everything you do, if you have strong and mobile feet then your performance will improve!

Store: Amazon

Price: £2.47