Sports Massage & Manual Therapy.

Our ‘hands on’ treatments can certainly improve your function! Not your typical ‘relaxing’ massage, but you will benefit from increased blood flow, restoration of movement, reduced muscle stress and reducing your risk of injury. 

Exercise Rehabilitation

Corrective exercises don’t just assist with recovery, put are also vitality important in prevention. The aim here is to increase strength, movement & proprioception however, your treatment plan will vary depending on injury status. 

Injury & Biomechanics Assessment

Without an accurate diagnosis, you’ll be looking at a delayed healing process with a less effective recovery. Fortunately you’re in good hands with our therapists having years of experience in elite sport. 

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning isn’t just about lifting weights. The aim of an S&C programme is to maximise athletic performance, by working on speed, agility, plyometrics, endurance and core stability with strength training being just a small part of it.

Medical Acupuncture

Also known as ‘Dry Needling,’ a modern adaptation of the Traditional Chinese Medical technique  Modern science has shown that acupuncture can actually stimulate the healing process and suppress pain, by releasing and suppressing certain chemicals.

Down to You

Our Effective Online rehabilitation package. Following an initial online consultation, your therapist will put together a bespoke rehabilitation plan with the aim to get you back functioning as soon as possible.