The Team

David Down

Clinical Director

David Down (BSc Hons) is a fully qualified and insured practising Sports Therapist, and is also an active member of the Society of Sports Therapists. He specialises in using the principles of sport and exercise to make sure that clients are training and competing in a safe and efficient manner.

David is well respected in his field, currently working at MK Lightning and formally MK Dons as part of the Sports Medicine Department. He has also guest lectured at the University of Bedfordshire.


David has also worked within a private practice setting, where he has been able to treat a wide range of sports people from different disciplines.

As a result of his diverse clinical experience, David has become proficient in many musculoskeletal modalities and offers treatment and rehabilitation to a wide variety of sports injuries and aims to restore clients to their pre-injury state both quickly and safely

Bethany Barby

Sports Therapist 

Bethany (BSc Hons) recently graduated with a first class honours degree in sports therapy from the University of Bedfordshire. She is a practicing sports therapist based in Milton Keynes and is an active member of the Sports Therapy Organisation. She specialises in manual therapy to rehabilitate an injury in adjunct with an exercise rehabilitation plan. 

Previously Bethany has worked in private practice and treated a wide range of injuries. Bethany‚Äôs aims are to help the client return to a strong and functional state as quickly and efficiently as possible by using a range of different modalities and help the client achieve their goals. 

Bethany has always been interested in sport, previously being a national level swimmer. She is now now a recreational cyclist and runner. Her interest in sport and rehabilitation has lead Bethany to study strength and condition as a masters degree. 

Mihaela Onofrei

Sports Massage Therapist 

Mihaela is a sports therapy student in her final year of study at University of Bedfordshire. During her studies she had the opportunity to attend placement hours, both in a clinic environment and pitch side, which gave her a broad base of knowledge for a Sports Therapy career. As part of her placement, she is currently helping support the MK Lighting Ice Hockey team.

Her great assets are injury diagnosis, prescribing rehabilitation plans and relief of muscles tightness using manual therapiy techniques.

Mihaela is passionate about working out, this being one of her favourite leisure activities. She also had the opportunity to follow a personal training course that helped her reach a good level of fitness knowledge.